Providing expert legal guidance for all de-facto and domestic partnership arrangements

Defacto and Domestic Partnerships

Are you currently living with your partner but not married? According to Australian Law, de-facto partnerships still have the same rights, obligations and liabilities as those of married couples. The Family Law Act covers de-facto relationship property settlements and maintenance.

When considering your de-facto partnership, the Courts will determine the following:

  • The nature and extent of your common residence

  • The duration of your relationship together

  • The level of financial dependence between you

  • The care and support of children

  • Dual property ownership

  • Separate living arrangements

You may be considered to be in a de-facto relationship if you have a child together or have lived together for at least two years. Even if your relationship is of less than two years, you may have some legal rights.

BBS Lawyers is well equipped to deal with these issues and can advise you about your entitlements to property after separation as well as any issues relating to your children.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of family law experts can provide valuable assistance with settlement negotiations, Court representation and they can also prepare personalised legal contracts to ensure that any settlement agreement you reach privately or with our assistance, is binding.