Resolve legal disputes with an experienced mediator


Mediation is a fast growing alternative to court proceedings, given the delays in the Court system and the costs of litigation.

At BBS Lawyers we are committed to exploring alternative dispute resolution avenues with you, as we understand that financial resources are better directed to your family.

With the assistance of our lawyers, Mediation provides the space for you and your former partner to discuss important issues, resolve misunderstandings and come to mutual agreements that will benefit each of you and your children.

BBS Lawyers have practitioners that can undertake the mediation for you, and in addition all of our lawyers are experienced in participating in and advising clients through the mediation process.

If you decide to attempt mediation with us, our goal is to create an amicable and non-adversarial agreement that is mutually agreed upon and reduced to a binding and legally enforceable document. If however despite yours and our best efforts agreement cannot be reached, we can give you advice and help you with court proceedings.

Some significant advantages of mediation include:

  • Quicker and Easier: Typically in a mediation scenario and if both parties are willing, it can be an easier way to manage disputes. What may take days to resolve through mediation could take years through the court system. BBS Lawyers will provide you with a reasonable mediation timeframe based on your unique situation.

  • Less Costly: Employing a mediator may be a less expensive way to resolve your differences. The mediation process is often a more efficient and informal way to settle with each other.

  • Personalised Attention: Mediation allows you to choose and discuss the most important topics that you want settled without unnecessary court involvement. BBS Lawyers will work directly with you and will support you to ensure that you are heard. Our strong collaborative approach will ensure we negotiate, explore and refine the decision making process in a caring, knowledgeable and legally binding way.